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FFL and Firearms transfers!

Our pawnshop has both our FFL and High Capacity Magazines licence. We purchase, sell, loan on, and transfer firearms in-house.

As a quick overview of the subject, the sale of a firearm here in the state of California requires a few things. Upon a purchase, you must present a state issued ID or drivers license, a proof of residence (IE a utility bill of some kind, or other issued paper with both your name and living address), and a California Firearms Safety Card (FSC). If you do not have a safety card, the test costs $25.00 and we issue them in-house. Lastly, one can expect a 10 day waiting period (without specially issued military or law enforcement exemption).

Loans are fairly straight forward, bring your firearm in to the office (completely unloaded and preferably with the action open / locked) and discuss terms. Once a loan is issued, we take temporary possession of the firearm. Once it is paid off, there will be a registration process, for which there IS a mandatory 10 day waiting period.

Lastly, we handle in-state, out of state, and private party transfers. Let me break those down for you!

-In state transfers are handled in much the same way as out of state transfers. Upon selling the firearm, we ship it out to the FFL where the buyer will be registering and picking it up. For this kind of transfer, the buyer can expect to pay both California sales tax, and the FFL's transfer fee.

-Out of state transfers are fairly straight forward. One situation it is handled in nearly the same way whether a firearm is being shipped out to another state, or shipped in to the shop from an outside state. This includes online firearms sales (gunbroker, etc...). If the firearm is coming in from another state, it will have to meet California restriction (this includes the approved handgun roster) and it will cost California sales tax, as well as our $35.00 transfer fee.

-Private Party Transfers (PPT) require that both the buyer and the seller of the firearm come in to the shop to fill out paperwork to relinquish ownership and register to the new owner. We can run a private party transfer on any California compliant firearm, and we are able to PPT a handgun that is not on the California roster, so long as it stays in the state. Our PPT fee is $50.00. Only one handgun can be transferred at a time, but any number of long guns (rifles, shotguns, etc) can be filed on a single transfer as a single charge.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us!

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